Africa Land of Opportunities

The Africa experience speaks of itself through these facts and gures and more.However, the digital divide is still large and all efforts exerted so far have only managed to close a small part of it, while it still grows elsewhere. Hence is the opportunity that arises, especially with investors seeking safe opportunities. Africa’s economic growth is creating substantial new business opportunities that are often overlooked by global companies. MGI projects with at least four groups of industries consumer-facing industries, agriculture, resources, and infrastructure – together could generate as much as $2.6 trillion in revenue annually by 2020.
Today the rate of return on foreign investment in Africa is higher than in any other developing region.

Destination Africa

Africa Today..
According to a recent study by Mckinsey Global Institute
382 million in africa’s workforce
42% of workforce employed outside agriculture
28% of workers earn a wage vs. 24% in 2000

.. and in 2020
122 million more workers, more than any other region
72 million new wage paying jobs
36% of workers in wage-paying jobs
128 million consumer households up from 90 million in 2011