Networking session in forthcoming launch of Egypt’s first exhibition in Tanzania for Plastic, Rubber, Petrochemicals & Building

23rd January 2016 – A networking session for key stakeholders of the upcoming Africa-PPB EXPO 2016 International Exhibition for plastic, rubber, petrochemicals and buildings took place in the Grand Ramada Hotel, Dar Ess Salam on 22-23rd January 2016.
Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA), and Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade) are key representatives from the public and private sectors who attended the session.
Aramex, the exhibition’s logistical partner, playing a prominent function in providing all the logistics and transportation services needed to allocate to Tanzania was also present in the session, representatively.
EXPO 1 is organizing the exhibition; a medium sized exhibition and conference management company has developed the exhibition. EXPO 1’s headquarters is located in Ajmane, UAE with a representative office in Cairo, Egypt. Africa-PPB EXPO has been created to promote African unity through strengthening trade relations between Egypt and Tanzania as well as putting both markets on the map. Tanzania is the first of the series of African nations Africa-PPB EXPO plans to cooperate with.
EXPO 1’s General Manager, Ahmed Barakat, moderated the session. The theme of the networking session was to bring together important stakeholders who will contribute to the successful staging of the exhibition that is the first of its kind. The session aimed at highlighting the significance of each of the stakeholder’s roles in the positive coordination and organization of the event.
The session was divided into four tasks throughout the two days. Firstly, an introductory phase commenced with an aim to bridge the gap between entities. Each entity discussed its role, showed its support and how it could contribute.
Secondly, creating a platform for B2B meetings and matchmaking within the upcoming exhibition took place. Now, through Aramex and in coordination with TanTrade and TPSF, Africa-PPB EXPO offers an exclusive edge to its exhibitors with a detailed database delivered once registered. The database includes all product placements within the Tanzanian market and their value with accurate import and export figures. This gives a sharper opportunity for strategic B2B meetings and successful matchmaking upon arrival.
Promotional and marketing tools in local and international media was discussed to ensure effective advertising for the exhibition as not only does the exhibition target Egyptian and Tanzanian exhibitors but on a global scale. Exhibitors from Italy and China are booked to attend the exhibition.
Lastly on that note, a webinar took place that involved international stakeholders who were presented with a conclusive summary on the networking session. A prosperous discussion on further cooperation finalized the networking session.
Africa-PPB EXPO Tanzania 2016 is scheduled to take place at the Mlimani City Conference from 27-29 May of this year. The exhibition will feature exhibitors from more than 10 countries and visitors from all over East and Central Africa and B2B meetings and matchmaking opportunities. In addition, Africa-PPB EXPO will be an exceptional podium to showcase latest products and give transparency to unexplored markets.