AFRICA-PPB EXPO – TANZANIA 2016 held it’s second round at Dar es Salaam Hyatt Regency Hotel, Tanzania’s business capital.

Africa-PPB Expo was a three-day event that started off with a press conference on 25-5-2016, followed by a B2B meeting on 26-5-2016, then an exhibition launch and opening on 27 May 2016.

The press conference was attended by Mr Khaled Abo El-Makarem Chairman of Export Council of Chemical Industries, Mr. Ahmed Barakat General Manager of Expo 1, Mr. Mohamed Sami Chairman of the Exhibitions Authority, Mr. Yasser El-Shawf Egyptian Ambassador in Tanzania, Mrs. Masha Executive director of Tantrade, Mr. Mohamed Hamza Tanzanian Ambassador in Egypt.

The press conference has shown great prosperity, attracting a great number of exhibitors from different countries and visitors from all over East & Central Africa, providing exhibitors an excellent opportunity and experience, to explore several countries all in one conference.

The press conference reached high media coverage, having been talked about in several National media outlets, including a front page in one of Tanzania’s leading newspapers; Habari Leo, also, a 5-minute documentary aired on national television, and news coverage in 6 other TV stations, talked about in 10 radio stations, discussed in 10 blogs and published in 8 newspapers.